Dog Grooming


Professional Dog Grooming In Lewisville and Flower Mound, TX

At Canine Courtyard, our professional dog groomers provide services for all breeds and can address all of your furry friend's grooming needs. Grooming keeps your pup happy and healthy, and you can always count on our expert groomers to provide exceptional care using high-quality products.


Our groomers have brought Canine Courtyard to a new level of excellence. This isn’t just a quick spray-down - we truly groom your dog including nails, cleaning the ears, expressing the anals, and a great shampoo and brush. If your dog is ready for a fur trim, we work hard to understand your dog’s needs and personality to provide a cut you and your dog love. For your convenience, grooming is available 7 days a week.

Over 40 Years of Combined Dog Grooming Experience

At Canine Courtyard, we know how important a good groom is for keeping your dog happy and healthy. With over 40 years of combined grooming experience, our talented team of groomers takes pride in their gorgeous grooms while always prioritizing the safety and comfort of your precious pup. You can always count on our grooming experts to provide exceptional care with high-quality products and to communicate clearly to make sure your pup gets the perfect haircut.

Our all-inclusive grooming services include:

●       Nail trims

●       Ear cleanings

●       Checking anal glands

●       Bath and brush

●       Haircuts

Feel free to stop by or give us a call to discuss your grooming needs. Our grooming services are available 7 days a week for your convenience. Walk-ins are welcome, depending on availability.


The Canine Courtyard Dog Grooming Difference

Our groomers are committed to pampering your pup with the least amount of stress, even if that means taking a relaxation or potty break during the session. Our groomers work with your pets with the same love and patience they have for their own dogs. Please remember, current shots are mandatory to enter our facility.

We know that bathing and brushing those long hair breeds on a regular basis will reduce matting. If you get a call from our staff saying we need to shave all or part of the dog, here’s why: when dog hair mats, it entangles and curls in, and can be extremely painful for your dog. The skin will also develop a rash or an infection under the matted area. There’s really no way to brush it out without hurting your dog and causing huge anxiety. Shaving your dog gently using clippers to remove the hair below the matting. Sometimes this is just around the matted area, like around the ears, or sani area. Sometimes the dog is matted throughout their coat, or it might not look right if we just shave the matted area and left patches of normal fur, so we may suggest a full shave.

Groomers aren’t taking the easy way out when we ask if we can shave your dog. In fact, any groomer would much rather give your dog a good shampoo and blowout. It’s a lot more work to shave a dog, but we always want to do what’s right for the dog. Any breed that has curly hair or long hair that gets curly when it gets wet, is highly susceptible to matting. A dog that gets a regular bath and brush is less likely to have heavy matting versus a dog that only sees us occasionally.