Take a Tour!

Take a tour of our Canine Courtyard Flower Mound and Lewisville Pet Resorts and meet our team who are expertly trained to make our pet resort as safe and clean as possible. 

Lewsiville Location


Flowermound Location



Our amazing team promises you and your pup a relaxing, safe, and clean stay at our resort. They know every dog under their care and watch for changes in eating, drinking, or potty habits. 


At Canine Courtyard, you know the water bowl is always full. Our bowls are sterilized and heated to 180° to guarantee the cleanest, safest bowls, which are regularly changed throughout the day.


Your pup will love our five huge outdoor play areas. The yards are synthetic turf atop six inches of decomposed granite - It’s like having a septic system under the play yard! Even with excellent drainage, our yards are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Our outdoor play yards are filled with the most exciting yard toys to play on or hide in, and we beat the heat with splash pools and shade canopies.


All the yards are supervised by our well-trained team members. The yard techs are trained to be strong Alphas to command the respect of the dogs. They are trained to correct a dog’s play with a small squirt of water or to divert the dog’s attention in a more positive way. All of our team members who work in our play yards are Doggie CPR certified and committed to operating a safe, clean yard.


You’ll also notice 9 outdoor yards for our unaltered guests or anyone that just needs to be run as a single.


Our amenities include cots, bedding, and bowls. Feel free to bring a bed from home, especially for our older guests. Our bowls are washed and sterilized continuously. Please provide your own food so we don’t have upset tummies. We encourage chew toys to help reduce stress, but no raw hides or rope chew toys. Please bring any medications needed, and we will follow directions for dispensing.