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Safe, Fun & Healthy Dog Daycare

No one likes to leave their dog alone, so let the staff at Canine Courtyard ease all your concerns. Dog Daycare at Canine Courtyard is a play-all-day experience for your pup, with just the right amount of rest strategically built in. Our fully-supervised Dog Daycare program is available Monday through Friday and we are sure that your pet will have an incredibly fun time in our huge indoor and outdoor play yards. And we also know that pet parents will be totally delighted with the happy and relaxed state of their pet after a full day of dog daycare fun. Zzzzz!


We take the safety of the pets in our care very seriously, so each dog must first complete Meet & Greet to ensure that they are a good fit for Daycare.


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The Importance Of Socialization

Dogs are social by nature  and they typically enjoy playing together in a group setting, but they don’t always have good manners or social skills. Our skilled and knowledgeable dog daycare team provides the proper supervision and guidance to ensure that your pets are able to play in a safe and healthy setting so that they grow more confident with each session.


We provide the right amount of exercise, group play, mental stimulation, and rest to keep your pets calm and social during their stay with us. Our goal is to ensure that this good behavior is something that they take home with them, resulting in a better relationship between you and your pet and the other people around them.


Dog Daycare Fun in our Lewisville and Flower Mound Play Yards

We have 5 huge outdoor play yards with lots of cover for shade and stimulating yard toys to play on. In the summer, we set out the pools and it's party time. Our outdoor yards have synthetic turf atop six inches of crushed granite for maximum drainage. Our yards are regularly disinfected and cleaned and of course, the dogs are always supervised by our loving experts.


Since this is Texas, we are prepared for the rain, heat, and even the cold with three indoor, climate-controlled play areas. There’s always a party going on in our play areas!


We love our senior guests and know know what they mean to you. It’s our pleasure to carry them out and attend to them for a potty break. While they are in our care we will constantly monitor their food and water intake. If necessary, we will spend some time and hand feed them or we will assist them in drinking to keep them hydrated. Our concierge team members are all dog first aid certified. You will receive an update every 12 hours on your dog’s condition. And of course, you can call or text the specialist at any time.


Concierge Rate is $75/night or $90/night if staying in a luxury suite.

Daycare Pricing & Packages

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Add-Ons +

  • Spa Services

  • Treats

  • Puppy Postcard

  • Individual Playtime

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Brain Games

  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Party

Dog Laying On Bed

The Importance Of Resting

Routine rest time during daycare is not only important to the health of your pet, but also for the safety of the entire pack. Resting refers to the downtime in between playtimes during daycare. This gives your pet a chance to recuperate so they do not exhaust themselves before their visit comes to an end, which is especially important for our full day guests. Additionally, resting significantly decreases the chances of injuries within the pack. Just like with humans, rest allows for both mental and physical recovery, for their overall health and wellbeing.