Award-Winning Dog Boarding

It’s a big decision to find the facility you trust with your fur baby. We highly recommend stopping by for a tour. We founded our kennel on the basic premise of having all of our guests safe, and in a clean environment. We highly recommend bringing your little buddy in for an evaluation day, and that is free of charge. We want your dog to come in, meet our staff, be evaluated for the group size and temperament of a play group. We’ll really show them around including being moved in and out of our kennels. The idea is to have them come in for just a couple of hours, have some fun and then go home with Mom or Dad. If you do this before you board then our little guest has been here before, had some fun and then been picked up. It really takes away any separation anxiety they may have when you drop them off. If your dog has never been here, we recommend you do this any time before your trip. The best time is after 9:30 any day but a holiday weekend. The dog must be up to date on all shots and we recommend that this be an evaluation day, please don’t mix a groom in with this.

We really believe we’re the best place for you to board your fur baby. We start with having the cleanest and largest kennels in our type of facility. We have new tile floors under our entire kennel. We found a basic concrete floor develops cracks and chinks where bacteria and disease would hang out.  Our tile floors are disinfected with kennel grade disinfectant at least once a day. We have oversize kennels. Large dogs are kept in a 6ft by 6ft kennel. Small dogs are kept in a 4ft by 8 ft kennel. Dogs are den animals and we recognize some dogs are happier and feel safer in a smaller area. We have smaller, cozy size kennels for our little guests if they require that.  Those kennels are 4ft by 34 inches. That’s not considered small in other boarding facilities, but this is a Texas size boarding facility, and you know what they say about Texas. We also have luxury suites that are 8 feet by 8 feet. They are faux hand scraped floors that are surgical grade, and anti-bacterial. The walls are tiled to the top of the kennels for a slightly quieter stay.

We love the Dogs, and so does our staff. Our staff is mature, well trained, and dedicated to providing the best experience possible to our guests. It’s not uncommon to see staff members in the kennel with our guests nurturing or hand feeding a dog. If one of our visitors is stressed or lonely, they’ll get the extra attention they need. We monitor their eating and water intake. Yes, we even monitor their potty habits. For just a little while these dogs are ours, we want to know all we can about them.