Doggie Day Care and Day Play

If you ever wonder why you should consider day play. Having a tired, happy dog is the best reason. Dogs are mostly social. They know they like to play but they don’t always have good manners or social skills to really enjoy playing. We have a lot of dogs that are here every day. The parents may be at work or they realize that the dog needs more exercise than they can give them. It’s amazing to see how quickly new dogs learn how to play and how quickly they learn from the other dogs the social skill set they need. Our yard Techs are professionals. They watch the body language of the dogs and can read if they’re playing or if a situation is escalating. They are great at giving a little correction with the water bottle or diverting the dog’s attention to another type of play. Sometimes the dogs just need a few minutes time out, other times they may have gotten too tired and need a nap or long break. We even have dogs that do best if they can be first in the yard and meet everyone as they come in. We try to understand the wants and needs of all our guests. They’re all individuals and have their own way of seeing the world. The dogs really respond to those strong Alphas. They thrive in a space where they know their boundaries.

Flower Mound Play Yards

Wow, it’s good to be a dog!

We have 5 huge outdoor play yards. The yards have lots of cover for shade, and lots of yard toys to play on. In the summer we set out the pools, and its party time. Our outdoor yards have synthetic turf. There is 6 inches of crushed granite under the turf for maximum drainage. Our yards are regularly disinfected and cleaned. And of course, the dogs are always supervised. Please stop by for a tour anytime. We want you to see where your little guys play.

But this is Texas. If it’s rainy or too hot to be outside, we have 3 indoor, climate-controlled play areas. There’s always a party going on for those silly dogs.

All dogs are separated according to size and temperament for day care. Day play is included at no charge when boarding.  We fervently believe a tired dog is a happy dog.

Lewisville Play Yards

Day Care Rates

Full Day
1/2 Day
10 Full Day Package
10 Half Day Package