WOW, IT’S GOOD TO BE A DOG! We have 5 outdoor play yards. The yards have lots of cover for shade, and lots of yard toys to play on. In the summer we set out the pools, and it’s party time. Our outdoor yards have synthetic turf. There is 6 inches of crushed granite under the turf for maximum drainage. Our yards are regularly disinfected and cleaned. And of course, the dogs are always supervised.

But, this is Texas. If it’s rainy or too hot to be outside, we have 3 indoor, climate controlled play areas. There’s always a party going on for those silly dogs.

All dogs are separated according to size and temperament for day care. Day play is also available to boarding dogs at a reduced rate. We fervently believe a tired dog is a happy, well balanced dog.

Day Care Rates

Full Day
1/2 Day
10 Full Day Package
10 Half Day Package